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February 2022 | Issue 242

Ucits at a glance

Robus claims top spot in 2021 after tight race
Ucits funds have ended 2021 on a high as 62% made positive returns in December, led by Algebris Global Credit Opportunities Fund, which struck 1.24% just in time for its full-year return to tick over to 0.45%. Robus Mid-Market Value Bond Fund claimed the top over Altana – the funds reached 8.10% and 7.68% respectively in 2021. Back in October and November the picture was grim as 60% and 56% of funds produced negative returns.
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Top 3 Ucits funds in December (%)
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Top 3 Ucits funds in 2021 cumulative returns (%)
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February 2022 | Issue 242
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