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April 2023 | Issue 253

Rated-note feeder funds emerge as CFO alternative

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Sayed Kadiri
Insurance companies are increasingly looking to invest efficiently in credit products. The resurgence of collateralised fund obligations has been well documented, but sources say rated-note feeders are also gaining in popularity.
“There has been a big uptick in demand over the past couple of years”
Jessica Marlin, Co-head of CLOs | Ropes & Gray
Functionally, CFOs and rated-note feeders serve a similar purpose — they create a debt and equity structure through which investors can gain exposure to fund investments. But whereas CFOs are typically backed by a range of funds and have their liabilities syndicated, rated-note feeders usually relate to a single underlying fund.
What they have in common is that insurers are using both as a means to buy into private credit funds.
“The insurance world is excited about accessing private credit funds,” says Boston-based Jason Kolman, a partner at law firm Ropes & Gray. “For insurers looking to achieve more favourable regulatory capital treatment, it is relatively easier to do so via a feeder fund compared to a CFO, which can take longer to put together.”
Kolman says a rated-note feeder is a simpler structure than a CFO. Usually, both involve insurance companies buying the debt and equity of a newly-formed feeder fund that invests into a sponsor’s underlying credit fund, with the overall investment weighted towards the debt.
For insurers, the rationale is that the debt portion of the investment attracts a low capital charge, and this makes it a more appealing structure compared to a direct stake in the equity of a credit fund.
Jessica Marlin, a partner at Ropes & Gray in New York, says rated-note feeders are a relatively recent development.
“There has been a big uptick in demand over the past couple of years,” she says. “Sponsors and investors have come up with ways to make the process and documentation more streamlined over time.”
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April 2023 | Issue 253
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